How We Work

  • After meeting with principal management to identify company priorities and goals (such as as improving distributions, scheduling promotions, etc.) we assign an Account Executive who will assist our Vice President of Sales manage the business
  • Once those goals are determined, a tracking report is set up and account specific goals are assigned to each sales representative. These business reports are designed to help the salespeople achieve stated objectives and/or identify a customer's objections, which in turn will make it easier to produce new action plans
  • Account specific presentations are created in-house utiliziing syndicated data from IRI and any other marketing facts that will support our sales position.
  • Promotional programs are submitted to the principal's Regional Manager on planning guides that are developed internally or are supplied by the manufacturers. The events are entered on an MDF log, which makes it easier to review the account's annual promotional activity, and determine if the co-op marketing dollars were well spent
  • Sales representativs are assigned a quarterly sales quota in dollars or cases and they receive weekly updates to measure his/her progress
  • Sales reports are issued monthly or as needed that will list the customer, individual SKU's purchased and dollar totals.
  • The administrative staff provides new vendor, new item, and new promotional forms that are customized for each key account in the territory. Planogram service and syndicated data analysis (IRI), etc. are also available.