Dave Zande

Dave Zande began his career in 1974 working for R.W. Mitchell, at that time one of Chicago’s largest Food Brokers. His first job as a Retail Representative led to his managing the firm’s entire retail division. Dave kept reaching for new challenges and eventually became Vice President of the Grocery Department. In 1980 he began to build a new department and new business with General Merchandise and Health and Beauty Care manufacturers interested in establishing a presence in supermarkets.
Dave spent over 10 years growing this department and managed to acquire a blue chip list of principals that wanted experienced personnel devoted to the G.M. and H.B.C. area of food stores. His expertise in this area won him many performance awards as well as Broker of the Year titles from McNeil Consumer Products, Tambrands, Chesebrough Ponds and others. Dave has also served on the Broker Advisory Councils of such prestigious companies as Tambrands, International Home Foods, Lederle Labs, and National Food Brokers G.M./H.B.C. Steering Committee.
His current duties include that of an Account Executive for several key principals who take advantage of Dave’s extensive knowledge of trends within our industry when planning promotions and product introductions. Additionally, Dave’s position as Vice President-National Accounts includes direct sales responsibility for a number of Category Managers and Divisional Merchandise Managers at the Walgreen Company. He provides input to our other sales representatives relative to developments occurring nationally with major accounts. This form of information sharing has provided our staff with valuable insights which help them have a more meaningful impact on their customers. Dave works tirelessly to keep our principals appraised of ongoing industry changes and is always available as a source of relevant information occurring in the fast moving marketplace. In 2003 Dave became an equity partner in the firm.