About Us

Founded in 1957 by Allen Hirschfield and Peter D. Pankow, Pankow Associates is a leading consumer products broker representing manufacturers throughout the Midwest.

Pankow Associates is a full service sales and marketing company equipped with state-of-the-art information systems and technologies, powered by experienced professionals with a history of providing superior services - the cornerstone of Pankow Associates.

In the past, we've been an integral part in launching products like Oil of Olay Skincare, Vidal Sassoon Haircare, Kingsford Charcoal, Breathe Right Nasal Strips, d-CON rodenticides, Gas-X for stomach and intestinal issues, Purell hand sanitizers, and many more! Today we represent a number of different manufacturers and hundreds of great products.

Headquartered in Skokie, Illinois, with account executives residing across the Midwest, Pankow Associates has quick and easy access to major retailers and wholesalers located across these regions. 

It is certain that any service organization is only as good as its people, and the sales professionals at Pankow Associates are among the best in the business. They strive for success and excellence in every undertaking. They are widely recognized for their innovative approaches and are the forerunners of new trends and ideas, while devoted to integrity and the highest ethical standards.

Pankow Associates: built on a proud reputation for service and results. People and Performance.
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Meet The Team
  1. Allen Hirschfield
  2. Michael Quinn
    Senior Vice President
  3. Dave Zande
    Senior Vice President
  4. Kyle Gorman
    Regional Sales Manager
  5. Martin Skeels
    Account Executive
  6. Laurence (Lorry) Salasche
    Vice President, Finance/Human Resources - 22 Years
  7. Lindsay Medina
    Director, Marketing Services - 8 Years
  8. Kathy Frederiksen
    Manager, Customer Service / Order Processing - 22 years
  9. Annemarie O'Connor
    Manager, Sales Support - 10 Years
  10. Maria Licea
    Data Processing; Manager, Shipping & Receiving - 21 Years
  11. Maggie Zimmer
    Manager, Sales Information - 6 Years