Whether you're a well established company looking to drive sales and increase distribution, or in start-up mode looking to gain entrance into the marketplace, Pankow Associates has a dedicated professional that is right for your company.
At Pankow Associates We Know How To:
  • Conserve time and expense for our principals because we are most familiar with the specific account requirements that make a product or promotion worthy of consideration
  • Get on the appointment calendar for many decision making category managers who find themselves with too little time to interview vendors
  • Complete the many submission forms for products and/or promotions required at each account in the territory
  • Deliver orders once the manufacturer and customer have agreed on basic terms and conditions for sale
Allen Hirschfield has been the President and CEO of Pankow Associates since it's inception in 1957. Known as one of the nation's most respected Sales Agency Practitioners, Allen has also served as a board member and President of NAGMR, National Association of General Merchandise Representatives as well as an active participant in several other Manufacturers' Brokerage Advisory Committees. Allen has been in the business of selling General Merchandise and Health & Beauty products for over 60 years. Allen is a graduate of Northwestern University, where he majored in Advertising and Marketing.
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Our Sales Team
  1. Michael Quinn
    Senior Vice President
  2. Dave Zande
    Senior Vice President
  3. Kyle Gorman
    Regional Sales Manager
  4. Martin Skeels
    Account Executive